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Perspectives: 30 Years after the Berlin Wall fell, some young film makers’ reflections

Super proud of WAS GEHT?! magazine’s latest short films – as part of a fall workshop series, we tackled thorny historical issues, of racism then and now…  in the end, the two films and film-making approaches that emerged couldn’t have been more different. Here’s two teaser-trailers, more to come in the coming months.  



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November 11th, 2019

WAS GEHT?! Magazine – first print publication launched!


A year after a group of young media makers
in Berlin founded WAS GEHT?! magazine as a
platform for the perspectives of young people
with biographies of forced displacement and
migration, the publication is proud to present
its first print volume.

Here’s the WAS GEHT?! Vol.01 digital copy,
although, in all truth, you should get a printed
version for full effect by writing to:



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New work: Zurich video production

While shooting the Swiss portion of this 2019 Fields Medal Awards honoree video for the Simons Foundation, I got to spend time with math genius Alessio Figalli and learned a thing or two about Queen Dido and old Carthage – while running all over Zurich’s old city and sneaking rides on cable cars.

August 18th, 2018

Afghan Memories Studio

The “Welcome to Exilistan” exhibition has reopened, and our studio space includes a sound and video booth collecting oral histories – memories, stories, viewpoints – from the Afghan diaspora in Berlin.


The exhibit and studio space at Rosa Luxemburg Strasse 16 in Berlin Mitte.

Find out more about this project on our brand new Afghan Memories website, which will eventually feature the videos we are currently collecting.  For now, the studio space at Rosa Luxemburg Str. 16 in Berlin Mitte is becoming a home to the expanding Newsgroup Afghanistan team of young people, and a venue for talks and exchanges.  Ongoing infos, opening hours and announcements are best followed on our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, some more pics from behind the scenes of our Vernissage and events….

Afghan Memories Studio

Afghan Memories Studio

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Welcome to Exilistan

I had the great fortune to connect with a wonderful participatory media project for young Afghans in Berlin when visiting the city briefly in August, and was able to join the team for the opening weekend of workshops. Now I am back in Berlin for the year, just in time to complete the project, which is turning into a beautifully realized exhibition at Box Freiraum in Friedrichshain.

Welcome to Exilistan. Ausstellung und Vernissage, behind the scenes. Box Freiraum, September 2016.

More of the youth reporters’ work will be featured later on, once @EverydayMigration is up and running on Instagram and Medium, but for now, some behind the scenes images of the process and exhibition.

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Video interview for Der Spiegel

For a feature story on the death of Maria Fernandes, a New Jersey Dunkin’ Donuts part time employee whose fatal accident between shifts came to symbolize workers’ vulnerabilities in the new US contract labor economy, I produced the location interview with Armando Gonzales, Maria’s former friend and co-worker, for an accompanying short video:

December 12th, 2014

Photography Expanded Symposium

Here’s the Graying of AIDS team (i.e. Naomi Schegloff and myself) presenting at the Magnum Foundation’s Photography, Expanded Symposium at Parsons The New School for Design.


The symposium capped a year of workshops and presentations that tackled issues of documentary audience engagement in the digital realm. The Graying of AIDS was among four projects that were selected for the pilot of a PhotoEx project development initiative, during which artists were paired with design and communications experts for one-on-one meetings to implement a digital strategy for their work. View the rest of this entry »

October 30th, 2014

Browse Berlin Fotofestival showcases multimedia selections from around the world



My video piece on surrogacy in India is presented as part of Browse Berlin Fotofestival‘s multimedia line-up in Berlin this month.


June 12th, 2013

Tearsheets: Cindy Gallop for Libertine Magazine (UK)

Cindy Gallop Portraits

New cross-platform work: I created these portraits and a short video of Cindy Gallop – ad agency maven, Ted Talk phenomenon, web entrepreneur and 21st century sexual etiquette revolutionary – for Libertine, a brand new British magazine for women that aims to “celebrate inner life over outer appearance.”  I’ll have to take their word for it, since the content is only available in print, but “columns on swearing, also manners, a powerful essay on self respect by the great Joan Didion, some stunning luxury photography, fiction, fountain pens, business, biohacking and 3D printed dolls” sounds potentially promising. View the rest of this entry »

May 28th, 2013

Remembering Dr. Robert Franke
















Thinking of the wonderful Bob Franke, who passed away over the holidays at the age of 78. I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to interview this truly memorable and inspiring man about his fight against HIV discrimination in long term care.

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