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Vice Media’s Brooklyn HQ for the Montreal Gazette


Portraits of Vice Media co-founder Surooj Alvi shot for the Montreal Gazette as part of a profile on the company’s newly expanded Brooklyn headquarters.

March 22nd, 2016

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Berlin Refugee Youths for Al Jazeera

So very happy to see the story on young refugees I photographed and interviewed in Berlin this fall published. The full piece can be seen and read over at Al Jazeera America. A huge thank you to Mark Rykoff for letting me produce this reportage, and for the great layout! With Andrew Curry (text) and Caroline Preston (editing.)



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January 2nd, 2016

On Borrowed Time – revisited

In honor of this year’s World AIDS Day, I decided to reach out to some of the former Camp Heartland kids who were featured in the OSF Moving Walls 11 exhibition, or had been profiled in the book that I co-produced for the HIV/AIDS NGO‘s peer prevention outreach. It has been 15 years since I first began photographing and interviewing teens who were facing the continuing stigma surrounding HIV, and all these years later, given our new sharing culture and social media connectivity, it seemed time to follow up.

The series ran over at the Open Society Foundation’s Instagram feed this week, presenting updates on the young people’s lives, as well as their thoughts on growing up, secrecy and disclosure, friendship and loss, and surviving against the odds. To be continued.


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December 8th, 2015

Stories from an Aging Pandemic on Yahoo News

Also for World AIDS Day, we were featured on Yahoo News with a selection of images and quotes from our Graying of AIDS oral history project.



December 4th, 2015

Brigitte Magazine – dis/approving Flibanserin

For German women’s magazine Brigitte, I traveled with correspondent Annett Heide to capture the mood of what seemed to be a final stand of America’s 1970s generation of feminist fighters: for female libido – against the medicalization of lust – against condescending double standards at the FDA – anti any normative ideas of female desire. Whiplash inducing… As fun as a portrait series of talking heads experts can be to shoot, because, just super interesting. Some assignments are for the pictures, and others for listening and thinking.


September 30th, 2015

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POZ Magazine features The Graying of AIDS

Thrilled to get this nice recap out to audiences in September! Onward and upward with this project – and grateful for the succinct explanation of all the different things we’ve been busy with over the last couple of years! Here’s the on-line version.


August 20th, 2015

Rear Window – Flatbush edition

German magazine My Way is featuring a series of women living in places all over the world – and their musings on the various views out their windows.  Apologies to my not shabby at all living room view for not making the cut!

iPhone view by moi, author portrait by the one and only Hana Jakrlova.MYWAY_clip

July 24th, 2015

Well Beyond HIV – San Francisco

Next stop on the Walgreens / Graying of AIDS exhibit tour was San Francisco for one weekend in April, and below is a quick news round-up:


More news to follow, as this project continues….

April 27th, 2015

Well Beyond HIV featured on ABC’s Here and Now show

What a fantastic opportunity to talk about The Graying of AIDS project and our new collaboration with Walgreens!  Check out the clip here. And I hope you remember Ed Shaw from previous publications!


March 3rd, 2015

Chinatown Community Young Lions on CBS

A selection of images from my ongoing coverage of this awesome group of Chinatown youths is up on the CBS News website as a slide show! Check it out here!



February 28th, 2015