Berlin Refugee Youths for Al Jazeera

So very happy to see the story on young refugees I photographed and interviewed in Berlin this fall published. The full piece can be seen and read over at Al Jazeera America. A huge thank you to Mark Rykoff for letting me produce this reportage, and for the great layout! With Andrew Curry (text) and Caroline Preston (editing.)








A number of wonderful organizations were instrumental in connecting me with the young people featured in this story, and it reaffirmed the admiration and huge respect I have for the people doing the important work of guiding, mentoring, and fighting for the newest members of Berlin’s community. All under, let’s say, less than ideal circumstances lately. Thanks to Akinda, BBZ, Champions Ohne Grenzen, Moabit Hilft, Xenion, plus a host of others and many more individuals who helped along the way.

And, of course – this story would not have been possible without the one and only Hannah Heinemann… fixer extraordinaire, sister, hostess, professional source and reality checker, and my ear on the ground for years… Mit Dir geh ich sogar in Raucherkneipen.

But most importantly, I am just grateful to be able to contribute to one of the most important discussions to be had lately. As Jawad says, ‘I just hope it is getting better and better.’ Super duper proud of the youths for all their accomplishments in tough times.

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January 2nd, 2016